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Small Or Large Bathrooms


There are two areas of your home that will always give you a good return on your investment and one of those is your bathroom. The down side of this is that a poorly installed bathroom can cause you nothing but headaches and actually reduce the value of your home.

That is why you should use a professional to install bathroom sinks and install toilet, I have been called out to more than one home where a incorrectly installed toilet has leaked in the night and caused damage.

Bathroom Designs
When you start to design your bathroom do give some thought to your existing plumbing. Steele Plumbing can move your plumbing so that the toilet can be in a different place but this kind of remodel can be expensive, we all love a beautiful bathroom but be aware of the costs involved so there are no last minute shocks is my advice.

Do not wait until the last minute to call us for your bathroom remodel – (435) 632-2616

Bathroom Showers
One of the most common problems with showers is that if they are not installed with the proper drainage they will block up on a regular basis. No one likes blocked shower drains so make sure that you use a qualified plumber to install your shower.

Bathroom Fixtures
It can be tempting to try and save money on your bathroom fixtures. This is a mistake in the long term, most people use the bathroom at least a few times a day. All that handling can leave the cheaper faucets looking aged beyond their years. Since you will only be buying a new bathroom once it really does make sense to buy the best items that your budget can handle.

Use a professional to install bathroom fixtures so that they work first time and are not damaged during the installation process.

Small Bathroom
Many people worry that as their bathroom is small they can not do anything with it. This is not true, just changing out the faucets and things like the vanity unit can give any size bathroom a whole new look.

Installing a bathroom is not something that should be undertaken by an amateur, your home is too valuable and your bathroom is something that you will see every day so you want it to be right. That is exactly why you should call Ronnie Steele on (435) 632-2616

As a master plumber in St George area Ronnie is able to help you with all your plumbing needs.

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