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Drains are something that no one takes much notice of until they go horribly wrong. It is easy to ignore a clogged drain but the reality is that a slow shower drain or a sink that doesn’t seem to empty as fast as it used to could well be the sign of problems to come. Drain cleaning in St George is our specialty and we are fulling equipped with all the latest in plumbing technology including cameras that allow us to see exactly where the problem is.

There is an expression that “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” this definitely applies to drains. While your problems may start with a clogged drain they can soon escalate into backed up sewer lines. No one likes to wake up to a bathroom covered in sewage so what can you do to try and prevent blocked drains?

Blocked Kitchen Sink
Just because something can go down the drain pipe it doesn’t mean it should. Be careful what you put in the kitchen sink. I have seen a blocked kitchen drain caused by con cobs, forks and a full carrot. These items then collect other waste around them and before long you have got a very blocked up kitchen drain.

Blocked Shower Drain
If your shower water is not draining away then there is usually a blockage caused by hair. Slow draining showers can be tough to clear so you should do what you can to prevent them. I know that picking clumps of hair out of the bottom of the shower isn’t fun but it is better (and cheaper) than having to call someone in to take the shower drain apart to clear all the hair out. The same rules apply so that you can avoid a blocked bathtub drain

Blocked Sink Drain
Not all sinks are the same, a kitchen sink will usually be blocked with food while a blocked bathroom sink is usually caused by hair and bits of soap.

Blocked Toilet
This is the one thing that no one ever likes to see. It can also be the one that causes the most damage to your bathroom if you do not get it fixed as soon as you notice it. Everyone gets a slightly blocked toilet once in a while, maybe someone in your house uses a bit too much toilet paper. However if it is happening on a regular basis then you need to speak to a plumber.

Drain Cleaning
Cleaning your drains with a off the shelf drain cleaner is just not an effective way of keeping your drains clean from the build up that can cause drains to become backed up and overflow. It may work to clean the bathroom sink once in a while but if all the sinks in your house are running slow, or the toilet never flushes properly you really do need to call in a plumber.

Steele Plumbing not only have years of experience they also have tens of thousands of dollars invested in the best equipment. This means they can clean your blocked drains in St George quickly and efficiently.

While you can not see your drains, if you do not look after them you can be sure that you will be cleaning up a very nasty mess at some point.

No matter what kind of drain problem you are having feel free to give Ronnie a call on (435) 632-2616 To discuss it.

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