Garbage Disposals

Unless your home is very old, it is likely to have one of the many different types of garbage disposals that are commonplace today. They sit almost forgotten under sinks, doing their job well most of the time. It is only when something goes badly wrong that they suddenly get remembered. But when a garbage disposal unit goes wrong it can have a big impact on your home life. Whether it is a full breakdown, a jam or a blockage, professional help will avoid either damage to the unit or your hand.

Garbage disposals whether continuous type or batch feed, usually have a lifetime in them of several years and longer if looked after and maintained well. They help keep your kitchen smelling lovely and fresh and cleaning up after a meal or cooking sessions so easy. The food scraps drop in onto a spinning turntable which sends them through the outside shredder ring. Jams can occur quite easily, especially if bone or fibrous waste like banana skins are put into them.

Most jams and damage to garbage disposals is caused by misuse or by customers trying to clear a jam themselves. Whilst you can do simple routines like reversing and flushing with water, more than that is best left to the professionals. It is all too common for people to attempt garbage disposals repair themselves. The resulting damage is more likely to land you a hefty repair or replacement bill. Either that or several fingers less if you are reckless or careless. It just isn’t worth the risk. Get it repaired properly by an experienced plumber who will be able to do it safety, cleanly and swiftly.

A major part of the problem with garbage disposal installation is that most customers think that that is the end of it. It is hidden; it works so all is right with the world. But, a decent plumber will give you proper advice and care routines for a start. If he is worth his salt he will also recommend a proper maintenance program. Do not turn this down. Many refuse thinking it is unnecessary. But garbage disposals are not indestructible. Neglect them now and they will soon repay you with a repair bill.

It is far better to invest a little to keep them running smooth and efficiently year after year. Get your full value for money from your garbage disposal installation by increasing their life span. A decent annual service package will see a strip down and clean and replacement or renewal of some of the parts to keep it shredding and liquidizing your waste for years to come. The added benefit is that if it is doing its job properly, then there is less chance of badly processed waste blocking your pipes, leading to a bill for sewer cleaning.

So why not do the best for your garbage disposals unit today. Get a complete quote and start looking after it today. Money spent this wisely now will be repaid over and over in the future.

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