Replacing Water Lines In St George

Service Line Replacement

Whether you call it a service line or a water line it is a major pain when it needs to be replaced. Maybe your clay water supply pipe has cracked or maybe the old PVC pipe has become damaged somehow. No matter what the reason is replacing water lines in St George has always been a messy, time consuming and very expensive job.

Well not anymore, Steele Plumbing in St George can now replace your home water line without having to dig up your whole lawn. This means that it can be done quicker and with less damage to your garden. By using the latest in plumbing technology when replacing water lines we can have your new clean water line in place in less than a day in many instances. This saves the homeowner money while making sure

Replacing Water Lines

You can see from the video at the bottom of this page just how simple the system is to use.

  • We will dig a small entry pit at the house and where the water pipe connects to the main line
  • Disconnect the old water line
  • Thread our water line splitter
  • Pull it through the old waterline
  • The slitter will slit the old water line open, or pull the old lead or metal pipe through the ground
  • While running the new clean line in its place
  • Reconnect the water
  • Fill in the holes
You now have a new water line , very little visible surface disruption and everyone is happy.  When you need help replacing water lines to your home or business in St George, Utah call Ronnie on (435) 632 2616 he is one of the most experienced plumbers in St George and is more than happy to talk to you about all your plumbing needs.
Having a broken water line is a more serious, and expensive, matter than most people think. If you are losing water constantly it is not only quite possibly costing you money but could also be damaging your home. This is why replacing a damaged water line should be a top priority as soon as you suspect there is a problem.
This video shows a basic idea of how the process works.

Replacing water lines is no longer a job that you have be scared of, it can often be done in less than a day and you will not have to watch in horror as your whole lawn is dug up. If you have any questions at all about replacing water lines in St George,Utah or the surrounding areas give us a call.

replacing water lines

Replacing Water Lines

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