Sewer Repairs in St George

So you think you don’t need a sewer cleaning service? Nothing has happened in years, no blocked pipes or water backing up. But that is false economy and the clock is ticking already. Having blocked drains and waste pipes is not funny when it happens. No one likes the effect of that foul smelling liquid backing up the drain. You check the sink traps and the garbage disposal and still it happens. Finally you have to call out a plumber or drain cleaning company, pay a hefty emergency call out bill and start the whole thing again.

This is the typical scenario for most householders in the US. It happens time after time as we stuff more greasy and fatty waste down through the garbage disposal or straight down the drain. To any pipes and sewer system it is like slowly being strangled. Of course once the pipes start getting coated inside the size of bore gets smaller so more and more things can block them than before. To be honest none of the chemicals and magic cleaners on the market today will actually stop this happening or clear the pipes properly.

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This is why sewer cleaning in St George Utah and sewer inspection is so important. Just like servicing a car or water heater, a sewer service every few years will clear your pipes and keep your system working at its best. Get a professional in with the right specialized sewer cleaning equipment and the right attitude. It is a messy operation, so an experience company is needed to do it quickly and cleanly.

Whether you are having a service, or a blockage removed, there is a good way and a bad way to do things. Involving the home owner every step of the way is the right way to do sewer cleaning. Three simple steps to ensure a proper job are required. First of all using digital sewer cameras to detect the extent of the problem. As this dictates the price, viewing the trip of the camera through the pipes is amazing and reassuring. Being shown the problems and told the solutions provides confidence that you are getting a fair price for the work involved.

The second stage is to actually clean the pipes or remove the blockage. This is best done either manually with physical augers and rooting tools, or with a sewer jetting system. Finally you can see the results on camera and see a job well done. Clean pipes and drains equals money well spent. Value, trust and honesty in a sewer service and plumber is priceless

Of course you need to maintain the system every few years. If you have had a blockage removed, then now is the time to book these in advance and beat future price rises. Your plumber will be happy to help and get work on his books for the future. A routine of sewer cleaning will keep your system working at the top of its game and save you the misery and costs of blockages and costly damages and repairs for years to come.

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