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We all love a long soak in the bath after a hard day or a great power shower. The feeling of all stress floating away and the total relaxation taking over. Your house is a busy place with washing, laundry and cleaning all relying on a constant supply of hot water. A good, reliable water heater can provide you with year round hot water time after time. If your heater ever broke down or decided it had lost the will to carry on where would that leave you? How would you cope, especially if you have a young family? With no heater hot water is non-existent.

Your water heater will be one of the hardest working appliances in your home, night and day, all year around. Despite that, a good water heater should last about 10 years or so with the proper care and love. Treat it well though and you can even extend that by another 5-10 years. However, if you don’t look after it, then it will not be as efficient, which means larger fuel bills as it pulls more juice to do the same work. On top of that it will start to leak, maybe be gradually, but sometimes spectacularly. Not a good scenario, with large bills for replacement or repair of the heater and sometimes, floors, carpet or furnishings damaged.

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The trick here with a water heater is to look after it and pamper it a little. This means regular servicing, at least annually. A good service at the least keeps it working well and at its best will detect not only any problems with the heater earlier, but indicators of other problems elsewhere. Typically this may be a build up of sediment, showing a hard water problem that may need a water softener to sort out. Fix that and your heater will improve no end. Leaks can be caught early and fixed and anode wear can be monitored properly so that replacement takes place early before the costs go up.

But if you really want to extend your water heater life, then speak to an experienced plumber about some of the common options. A simple inexpensive upgrade will save you early replacement costs and could help reduce your energy bills. Fitting an expansion water tank to a closed system does several things. It can ease the effect of water pressure on your heater and extend its life. There have been instances where lifespan has almost doubled. Fit a self cleaning heater or get it cleaned and flushed out properly as an add-on to the service. Finally fit a water softener to stop calcium build up.

If you do already have an old heater, you were thinking about replacing get it checked first. Once you have had your heating engineer check it out he can tell you if is worth saving. You will also find out if it can actually cope now. This happens a lot where houses have been extended or now there is more appliances needing hot water. Older heaters without the capacity struggle and wear out quicker. With just a thorough service and then a regular maintenance plan it could be running better than it has for years. You will save money on your fuel bills as it is more efficient as well. With a bit of a pick me up, you old water heater could run for years more. It certainly would cost you less than buying a brand new water heater

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