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Water Softener Installation St George

If you live in a ‘hard water’ area, the ongoing problems can both be a real pain and very expensive. If you have hard water and do nothing about it, then you are gradually killing your pipes, water heaters, kettles, washing machines and everything that takes water from the system. Water softeners or reverse osmosis systems, as they are sometimes called, can save you money on replacement machines. Installing water softeners, is best left to a qualified and experienced professional, with the knowledge to provide the best service

Steele Plumbing Install and Maintain Water Softeners in St George Utah

Water softener systems use ion replacement to stop the build up of calcium and magnesium deposits in your water system. Suddenly your pipes are not clogging and when you use your soap you no longer get that nasty scum. Appliances free from these nasty scale deposits can be serviced properly, and they will be super efficient compared to how they were. In fact it is almost like having a new water heater or washing machine sometimes. In the end they last longer and save you money. So proper installation and maintenance of a water softener has big knock on effects

The first step to installing an effective water softener and protecting your appliances is to get a proper water hardness test. An experienced professional plumber can quickly tell you just how bad your problem is. This is essential in advising you properly on your options going forward. After all you only want to pay for what you need and not useless bells and whistles as well. Choosing the right softener system is really important. Whatever the make, be it Kinetico water softeners, Pelican water softeners or other brands that can be recommended.

Installing water softeners properly and ensuring the plumbing sequence is correct is a skilled task. Ensuring that all your hot water is softened means that your dish washer, water heater and that it goes in the system in the right place. But as with any important purchase you still need to take care of it. We all know that a car will quickly break down quicker if not serviced and a water softener is no different.

All softeners come with a manufacturer’s warranty for around 5-10 years depending on the make. Any warranty will also be worthless unless routine servicing is done by a certified plumber, to the manufacturer’s standards. Sort out a full package at the time you get it installed and you can get long term piece of mind at today’s prices. Future proof your home and water supply for good.

So hard water does not have to be a problem you are stuck with. A solution is closer than you think and within your financial reach. Take action today and call us to get a water softener put in place right away. Start protecting your valuable appliances and save money on repairs and energy bills. Invest in a water softener to fit your needs without breaking the bank and it will be the best investment you make this year.

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